Is Your Company Ready for Outsourced General Counsel?

Has your business grown to the point where you are routinely confronted with exciting growth opportunities (and headache-inducing operational obstacles) that require your time and attention?

Do you have a relationship with a lawyer where you can pick up your phone and call or text him or her without notice to get prompt advice to help you make decisions?

Will the lawyer provide a timely and effective response that allows you to take advantage of the opportunity or resolve the obstacle? ‘Will the lawyer answer or respond timely and effectively to allow you to take advantage of the opportunity or resolve the obstacle? 

There comes a time in the life of a growing business when it needs to have an established relationship with reliable legal counsel who can provide prudent counsel on important issues on short notice. Sometimes the issues are day-to-day operational issues that can be easily resolved with sound advice. Sometimes the issues can be big-picture organizational ones that require more deliberate strategic thinking.

Many large companies employ in-house lawyers commonly referred to as “general counsel” who serve this purpose. While the in-house model is not necessary or affordable for all business, many businesses outsource the role of the general counsel to a dependable lawyer who can work with the business’s leadership to anticipate and identify legal issues in order to develop legal strategies and solutions. Belser Law Firm serves as the outsourced general counsel for a number of businesses in a variety of industries in South Carolina and would love to talk with you about serving in that capacity.

If you think it may be time for your organization to consider outsourced legal counsel, contact us or call 803.929.0096.

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