Business Law

Every business needs a lawyer, and not just when something bad happens. Business and law are closely intertwined. A business that is properly organized and systematically operated can greatly minimize, or avoid altogether, obstacles that pose threats to their success. A business owner who is proactive in anticipating issues, and who plans accordingly, can address enterprise risks that create uncertainty.

The law can be a business owner’s best friend, as solid relationships can create the foundation for a successful business. Internally, stable relationships between co-owners create alignment towards a shared vision, and healthy relationships between ownership and its employees result in efficient and productive operations. Externally, defined relationships between a business and its customers and other third parties establish clear performance expectations and produce desired results.

The law can be a business-owner’s worst enemy, too, however, as fractured relationships can cause instability, reduce efficiency and productivity, and result in costly and time-consuming disagreements. Many business owners mistakenly believe that they only need a lawyer when something bad has happened. That is not the case. A business owner needs legal counsel whether a business owner is establishing, expanding, or protecting a business. Belser Law Firm routinely advises businesses of all sizes in many industries through all stages during the life of a business.

Representative matters include:

  • Formation and Governance
  • Buy-Sell Agreements and Succession Planning
  • Contract Negotiation and Enforcement
  • Asset and Stock Sales
  • Outsourced General Counsel
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