Land Use and Property Law

Land is a valuable resource that provides sustenance to all and a sense of place, home, and identity to many. For those reasons, people have been accumulating (and fighting over) land for millennia. Things are no different today, as land use and property rights remain important in our society, with courthouses and headlines full of land-related matters. The laws governing these issues involve a complex web of private property rights, governmental powers and regulations, and often centuries old property law.

Belser Law Firm has extensive experience advising individuals and businesses on questions relating to land acquisition, ownership, and use. The firm provides guidance to individuals, commercial interests, and governmental entities on real estate transactions and navigation of easement rights, zoning restrictions, and other legal issues affecting interests in land. When disputes cannot be avoided, the firm also advocates for its clients in litigation involving eminent domain/condemnation, zoning law, title and boundary disputes, easements, water rights, and other land-related matters.

The firm’s in depth experience in these distinct but overlapping practice areas provides a broad base of knowledge for guiding clients toward successful outcomes. The firm also provides general representation to governmental entities, with particular emphasis on municipal law, eminent domain/condemnation, land use/zoning, and government liability matters.

Representative matters include:

  • Eminent Domain / Condemnation
  • Zoning and Municipal Law
  • Title and Boundary Disputes
  • Easements
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Water Rights
We look forward to discussing your land use or property law matter. Please contact us or call 803.929.0096.

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