Rezoning Property

Throughout much of South Carolina, property is subject to zoning regulation that restricts the manner in which land can be used and developed. Oftentimes property owners seek to rezone property to higher intensity zoning district to allow for additional commercial or residential development. Sometimes neighboring property owners object, believing their own property would be negatively impacted by a nearby rezoning. Local governments regularly have to navigate the proper handling of disputed or controversial zoning requests.

The Belser Firm has experience representing all three types of parties to zoning matters:

  • landowners
  • objecting neighbors
  • local government

State law grants county and municipal governments in South Carolina broad discretion to establish zoning regulations and make local decisions about rezoning requests. Important constitutional and statutory restrictions apply, and familiarity with required zoning procedures is essential for all involved (landowners, objecting neighbors, and the local government). When a rezoning decision (whether approval or denial) is made without a proper basis, certain parties have a right to seek legal relief. Individuals, businesses, and governmental entities with questions regarding zoning issues should contact William C. Dillard, Jr. or call 803.929.0096.

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